Dr. Glen Davies, R. Psych.

Director of ABLE Developmental Clinic, Inc. 

Dr. Glen Davies is a Registered Psychologist and Director of ABLE Developmental Clinic.  Specializing in clinical child psychology, he provides assessment, counselling and consulting services for a broad range of child, youth, and family difficulties. To read more click here.

Dr. Kristen McFee, R. Psych.

Dr. Kristen McFee obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Developmental Psychology at York University. She provides evidence-based (scientifically proven) treatments for children and youth with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention and behavioural challenges, and repetitive behaviours (e.g., tics, hair pulling). Approaches to treatment include cognitive-behavioural therapies (CBT), parent training, collaborative problem solving, habit reversal, and comprehensive behavioural intervention for tics (CBIT). Dr. McFee has worked in the field of autism and developmental disabilities for over 15 years. She is passionate about the assessment and treatment of mental health within the context of autism. She is the program lead and supervisor of the 'Facing Your Fears' anxiety group for children and youth with autism at ABLE clinic. Dr. McFee's overarching goal is to help families better understand their child's unique strengths and needs, and to develop practical strategies that will support continued child development, family life, and community inclusion.

Dr. Claire Winson-Jones, R. Psych.

Claire Winson-Jones is a registered psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, young adults and their families.  Her focus is on the rights of clients and families and their needs to take a strength-based approach to treatment. Dr. Winson-Jones takes a holistic approach to psychological assessments and focus on the integration of personality, cognitive abilities, and vocational interests allowing young adults to achieve their education and career aspirations. The diagnostic assessment also includes autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and specific learning disorders. Claire has worked with diverse populations including individuals diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, individuals with a history of trauma, and individuals with high-risk behaviours.  Her focus includes treatment for a variety of psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, intellectual disabilities, ASD  and a variety of behavioural disorders.  Intervention approaches are informed by both the evidence-based literature and the client’s personal characteristics to include relational therapies, cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness and social skill development. Dr. Winson-Jones is a member of WPATH and CPATH as well as a certified PEERS trainer.

Dr. Leslie Blake, R. Psych.

Leslie Blake is a registered psychologist who has worked in the helping professions for over 30 years. She began her career as a critical care nurse, working for a decade in several large teaching hospitals. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing; a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology; and a Master of Arts and PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Leslie‘s clinical experience encompasses a wide range of clinical settings with diverse client populations, including counselling students at UBC-Counselling Services; assessment and counselling of young adults diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, and psycho-vocational and rehabilitation assessment and counselling of individuals with trauma and chronic pain.

At the ABLE Clinic, Leslie’s focus is on providing evidence-based psychological assessment of adolescents and young adults. Her diagnostic psycho- educational assessments integrate an understanding of her client’s unique personality, their cognitive and academic strengths and challenges, and their education and vocational goals. Leslie’s volunteer activities center around supporting and empowering youth. She has been a volunteer counsellor and educator for AIDS Vancouver Island and the Crisis Centre of Greater Vancouver. Leslie has been a volunteer Board member of Adam’s Apples Foundation, a non-profit foundation supporting youth mental health, since 2015.

Jessica Moore, MA

Jessica completed her graduate training in School and Applied Child Psychology at the University of British Columbia and has worked in a variety of settings, including schools and private practice.  She has been with ABLE Developmental Clinic since 2012. With a primary focus on learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, Jessica conducts meticulous assessments tailored to each client's distinctive needs. Beyond assessments, she offers counselling services, as well as school consultation. Jessica's hallmark lies in her individualized approach to assessments, recognizing and addressing each child's unique strengths and challenges. Her expertise extends to fostering collaboration between parents and teachers, providing them with valuable insights that go beyond assessment results.

Dr. Leslie Zanette, R. Psych

Dr. Leslie Zanette is a registered clinical psychologist at the ABLE Developmental Clinic. She completed her doctoral training at Adler University and has experience in several clinical settings, including private practice, community organizations, and youth/adult inpatient and outpatient settings. Leslie specializes in the provision of comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents, and young adults. She works with individuals and their families to determine the presence of specific learning disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She also provides psycho-diagnostic assessments for clients struggling with disrupted mood, anxiety-related behaviours, conduct and behavioural problems, post-traumatic stress, and substance misuse. Leslie’s assessments are evidence-based and aim to provide diagnostic clarification, recommendations, and treatment plans to support individuals and their families with their emotional, behavioural, and learning needs. She has experience working with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ranging across the lifespan.

Dr. Karla Saruk, R. Psych

Dr. Karla Saruk is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia. She completed her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Boston University (2001) before going on to complete her doctorate in psychology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois (2006).

Dr. Saruk has worked in a variety of settings over the course of her career. She has worked in an array of clinical settings, including hospital settings offering psychological services for children and youth with acute needs, MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health working with children and families, and in private practice settings offering a variety of treatment and assessment services.

Dr. Saruk offers counselling services for children and youth. Her treatment approach draws from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The ACT approach helps clients develop greater cognitive flexibility to manage emotional discomfort and life’s challenges. The aim of therapy is to support clients acknowledge and accept unwanted feelings, while empowering them to engage life with a greater sense of agency.

Dr. Saruk deeply values supporting families managing developmental challenges by offering services geared towards early-intervention (i.e., social, emotional, and learning) and strengthening parenting strategies for navigating challenges associated with neurodivergence. Parenting support is also geared towards helping moms and dads gain more knowledge about neurodivergence and the remarkable strengths neurodivergent children/youth possess.

In addition to offering counseling services, Dr. Saruk also offers assessment services that include ADHD/psycho-educational assessments, psychological assessments, and autism assessments.

She is happy to offer consultation services to parents who may be uncertain of what services their child/youth may benefit from. The consultation focuses on obtaining information related to the presenting concerns so that next steps can be suggested and resources offered.

Dr. Andrea Araujo

Andrea Araujo, Ph.D., R. Psych. is a registered clinical psychologist with the College of Psychologists of BC. Her training includes a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, and her thesis work on trauma treatment for sexual abuse was published in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (2008). Her doctoral work at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goias in Brazil (PUC-Goias) focused on the acculturation process and life satisfaction in immigrants, and was published as a book in 2018.  At ABLE, Dr. Andrea provides a variety of psychological assessments, psychotherapy and treatment planning for children, youth and adults. Areas of assessment include ADHD, Autism, intellectual disability and learning disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and trauma. Dr. Andrea utilizes evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Internal Family Systems, and encourages and supports the development of each client's potentials and weaknesses into strengths.  Dr. Araujo works in the West Vancouver and Richmond ABLE locations both in person, and online.

Darcie-Anne Bailey

Darcie-Anne is a Ph.D. Candidate in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program at the University of British Columbia. Having just completed her doctoral residency, Darcie-Anne brings a warm and professional demeanor, along with diverse experience in school settings, private practice, and community health. She collaborates with families and professionals to foster well-being and proactively manage challenges. She specializes in conducting comprehensive assessments and providing support and intervention to children, adolescents, and families.

Darcie-Anne uses a personalized approach, blending evidence-based practices with clients' individual goals, strengths, and developmental needs when providing intervention. She primarily employs a cognitive-behavioral approach, while incorporating other approaches including mindfulness, executive functioning training, parenting support, and social skill development. She holds certifications as a PEERS and PATH facilitator.

Darcie-Anne provides assessments for learning disorders, intellectual developmental disorders, mental health issues, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. Each assessment is tailored to address her clients' unique needs, offering practical strategies, and understanding.

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