Speech Language Pathologists

Nicole Davies, MS, S-LP (C)

Nicole is a speech language pathologist that specializes in working with children from the toddler years though to school age. She has experience working with a variety of children, including those with ASD, language delays, speech sound disorders, and social communication deficits.  Nicole has spent time working in schools, private clinics and child development centres. She is able to complete assessments, including those for ASD and other communication concerns. Nicole also delivers treatment through one on one therapy, consultation, parent training or a combination of these approaches.  Her particular area of interest is intervention with very young children and their families within a multi-disciplinary team.

Sujin Lim, M.Sc.A., RSLP, S-LP(C)

Sujin is a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist who is fluent in English and Korean. She received her Master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from McGill University. She has a passion for working with pediatric populations and has worked in a variety of settings, including daycares, clinics and schools. She has experience in assessment and treatment for articulation/phonology disorders, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), developmental dysarthria, receptive and expressive language disorders, dyslexia, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), autism spectrum disorder and fluency disorders. Her clinical experiences have taught her that parents/caregivers are a vital part of any treatment program and she will work with you to develop strategies and activities to facilitate speech and language development at home. She has received specialized training in PROMPT (Childhood Apraxia of Speech), the Lidcombe Program (childhood stuttering) and the Hanen: More Than Words program (language stimulation for children with ASD).

Timothy Christilaw, M.ScA.

Timothy received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Linguistics from the University of British Columbia (UBC). He completed his Master of Applied Science in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University and worked in Quebec for a year before becoming a member of the College of Speech and Hearing Professionals of BC (CSHBC). He is experienced in working with a very wide variety of communication needs, including language and literacy disorders, social communication difficulties, and speech sound disorders, with a particular focus on emergent language for young clients. Timothy’s focus is always on creating positive learning experiences tailored to his clients’ needs and interests, and he is a focused and innovative clinician who stays up to date on the latest research and treatment methods!

Christina Healy, S-LP

Christina Healy is a graduate of McGill SCSD Speech Language Pathology Program. She is a member of the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (CSHBC) and a member of Speech and Audiology Canada (SAC).

Christina has an extensive background providing services to autistic children using a family centered approach. She provided linguistic, social and behavioural services in a variety of settings including schools, child development centers and in-home. She is motivated to continue learning about autism spectrum disorder and keeping up to date on current best practices.

Christina has led communication treatment with head and neck cancer patients, provided phonological awareness intervention to school aged children and assessed the speech and language of children with behavioural difficulties in a hospital setting. She excelled on an early diagnostic team providing S-LP assessments and intervention to children with apraxia of speech, developmental language disorder, autism spectrum disorder and global developmental delay.

Christina thrives providing speech and language services to the pediatric population. Supporting and coaching parents with early language stimulation strategies is one of her specialties. Creating functional and engaging activities to target speech and language goals is the foundation of Christina’s practice. She believes children learn best when they are having fun, so let the games begin!

Originally from Seattle, Christina is ecstatic to be back on the West Coast and finally see some mountains! If you catch her outside of work, she is probably paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking or doing yoga with her husband.

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