Facing Your Fears Group

We are pleased to inform you that ABLE Developmental Clinic (West Vancouver) is offering the Facing your Fears program once again! Facing your Fears is an evidence-based anxiety treatment group for children and teens with high functioning autism.  This group is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT); however, it is tailored to the unique needs of autistic individuals.  For example, we use increased structure and routine, visuals and hands-on activities to make abstract concepts more accessible, use of video modelling, high engagement of parents in the treatment process, and a focus on generalization of skills from the start.  


Parents and children will learn: 

  • The nuts and bolts of anxiety and how it affects behaviour, the body and mind 
  • How to better identify anxiety and distinguish it from other behaviour 
  • Specific coping strategies such as relaxation and helpful thoughts 
  • How to face fears in systematic, small steps 
  • The use effective parent coaching techniques such as how to encourage and model brave behaviour, use praise, and rewards


This group will be led Dr. Kristen McFee, R. Psych.





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