Parents are often confronted with concerns regarding their children. Where to go to seek guidance and advice? To whom do they turn when their child’s behaviour is out of control or when learning issues seem overwhelming? 

If you or your family are struggling with issues similar to the ones below, ABLE may be able to assist you in clarifying the concerns, developing priorities, and focusing you on the path leading to the best possible outcome.



  • What is the difference between ADHD and LD?
  • My child now has a label of LD or ADHD. How can I help him reach his learning potential and address his poor self-esteem?
  • If my child is “labeled” as ADHD what does that mean for his future?
  • I notice that my child can spend hours focused on a video or a computer game yet when it comes to homework or schoolwork he is incapable of staying on task?


  • Does your young child dislike going to school?
  • Can your child carry on sophisticated conversations at home but doesn’t “get it” at school?
  • Does your child complain of stomachaches on Sunday evening prior to the start of school Monday morning?
  • The school says my grade three child needs testing but the wait for a school psychologist goes on and on.
  • Is a tutor appropriate for my child who is struggling in school?
  • School pressures seem overwhelming to my child.
  • What do you do when your teen is not motivated to do school work, is choosing “unsavoury friends” and may be at risk of dropping out of school?
  • What is an IEP? What is its purpose? What should it contain?
  • What is the difference between an Adapted Program and a Modified Program?

Diagnosis and Therapy

  • What are the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how do we know if our child has it? What do we do?
  • While I am on the waitlist for a Behavioural Consultant to set up a program for my child with ASD, can ABLE help our family?
  • My child is on a two year waitlist for Speech and Language Therapy. Can ABLE provide assessment or therapy?


  • Noncompliance or defiance is an issue in our home.
  • What do we do when our normally warm and loving child has a meltdown and can’t control an anger which is out of all proportion to the situation?
  • My child doesn’t respond to discipline. He simply doesn’t care and does what he wants anyway.
  • What do I do when my child is ruling the household; when he is compulsive/impulsive especially in dangerous situations?


  • My child is gifted but can’t seem to get along with peers.
  • Unrealistic fears or night terrors are interfering with the “carefree years” of my child’s young life.
  • My typical child is isolated on the playground as he seems to have difficulty making and/or maintaining friendships.
  • The loss of a family member has been devastating to my child.
  • My child has always been a bit of a worrier but now he seems to be experiencing high anxiety.

General Information and Community Support

  • Where do I find other parents who are experiencing the same issues that we’re dealing with?
  • What other organizations are out there who can help me with future planning for my child with developmental disabilities?
  • When my child starts tantruming in the grocery store I receive looks and comments that either hurt or anger me. How should I respond?

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