Registered Clinical Counsellors

Andrea Sharpe, M.Sc., M.Ed.

Andrea is a counsellor with over 25 years experience working with people with developmental differences and their families.  She completed her Masters in Health Psychology at the University of Southampton in England, and subsequently worked as a supervisor-in-training in a program providing Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in the UK.  She continued to follow her interest in ABA through an internship in California, before returning to Vancouver in 2001.  Since then, she has worked alongside children, youth, young adults and their families in BC, Alberta, and Yukon.  Andrea compassionately supports children and youth who struggle with anxiety and social skills through a creative and individualized approach.   She has completed training in the Sibshops model, and offers individual and group supports for siblings of people with developmental differences.  She is the proud recipient of the 2020 Edna Nash Scholarship at UBC, where completed her Masters in Education in Counselling Psychology in April 2021. Andrea loves living and playing in nature on the North Shore with her husband and her two children.


Cristina Lima, MSW, RCC

Cristina Lima is a Brazilian-Canadian registered clinical counsellor who helps children, teenagers, adults and parents in the areas of parenting, relationships and well-being.

She believes that seeking counselling is one of the most important decisions that people can make for themselves and their loved ones. Embarking on a journey of self growth and healing can be difficult, yet she knows firsthand that the results are worthwhile.

Most of her clients work with her to better manage anxiety, depression, family conflicts, phobias, eating disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD, OCD and ASD.

She has over fourteen years of experience working with children and families in non-profit organizations and private practice. She has completed her master’s degree in Social Work in the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and complemented her studies in the University of California, Berkeley, and in the City University of Seattle, USA.

As a mother of two children and a wife, Cristina has a profound respect and appreciation for children and for the grown ups who love them. She makes use of various psychotherapy approaches based on client's needs, drawing mostly from the cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, attachment theory, and family systems. When working with children, she offers play therapy and art therapy. Her work also is trauma-informed, gender-sensitive and informed by social justice theory and practices.

Alessia Lista, M.Psy, RCC

Alessia Lista is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and holds a master’s degree in psychology. She is currently completing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Adler University. Alessia has extensive experience providing psychoeducational assessments and therapy to individuals of all ages with emotional, behavioural, and developmental needs. She has conducted psychoeducational assessments in both English and French in a variety of settings, including private practice, community support centers, and schools. Alessia’s therapeutic approach is open and non-judgmental. She uses a number of evidence-based interventions that are flexible and tailored to her clients’ individual needs. Alessia is trained in multiple treatment modalities including, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioural therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches.

Leslie Zanette, M.Psy, RCC

Leslie Zanette, RCC, is a Masters-level clinician currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. She has experience in several clinical settings, including: private practice, community organizations, and correctional, inpatient and outpatient settings. Leslie uses cognitive-behavioral and dialectical-behavioral informed techniques to support her therapeutic practice. She develops treatment plans based on the specific individual needs of the client, and incorporates both psycho-education and therapeutic techniques to inform change and impact self-growth. Leslie helps individuals with symptom management and helps guide clients through the core of their issues. She specializes in working with individuals with disrupted mood, anxiety-related behaviors, conduct and behavioral problems, post-traumatic stress, and substance misuse. In addition, Leslie has worked as part of multi-disciplinary teams conducting psychological assessments dedicated to providing diagnostic clarification, recommendations and treatment plans to support individuals with their emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. She has experience working with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ranging across the lifespan.

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