Speech Language Pathologists and Social Skills

Jenny Sojat, MA, S-LP (C)

Jenny is a Registered Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in social communication.  Jenny received her Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Upon graduation, Jenny accepted a position in San Jose, CA at Teach Social, formerly known as Michelle Garcia-Winner’s Centre for Social Thinking.  Jenny’s interests include working with social language, language disorders, and language delays with children of all ages.

Nicole Davies, MS, S-LP (C)

Nicole is a speech language pathologist that specializes in working with children from the toddler years though to school age. She has experience working with a variety of children, including those with ASD, language delays, speech sound disorders, and social communication deficits.  Nicole has spent time working in schools, private clinics and child development centres. She is able to complete assessments, including those for ASD and other communication concerns. Nicole also delivers treatment through one on one therapy, consultation, parent training or a combination of these approaches.  Her particular area of interest is intervention with very young children and their families within a multi-disciplinary team.

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