Social Groups Application for Existing Clients

Address line, City, Province, Postal code
* Please note that your chances of gaining a placement directly relate to your availability! If your child is home-schooled, attends college, or has a flexible schedule, please note this as it will also increase your chances of obtaining individual treatment spots that would otherwise not be filled.
* Please note increased flexibility will allow us more options to find the best fit for your child in terms of group.

* Please note, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information transmitted through e-mail including the intake form.  Please be aware of this limitation when contacting us.

A quick note about our new weekly social hangouts! Clubs will be a monitored, safe setting for kids and teens grade 6 and up to implement what they are learning in groups in a less structured setting.

This is an awesome way to generalize learned concepts and is available to Social Group clients only.

Club members will most often choose between videogames, crafts, and board games and can also switch between them. Occasionally- larger scale parties (Halloween Dance and Christmas Party) will make for special events and different set-ups. Staff ratios will remain high (1:7) and subtle cueing will be provided when required. Clinicians will use info from Clubs during weekly sessions when possible. Hangouts will be at the clinic after working hours- so we can be loud!

Runs mid September – mid December

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