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Psychology ADHD Consultation Service

ABLE Developmental Clinic and Weiss ADHD Care

 ABLE Developmental Clinic and Weiss Clinic for ADHD Care are pleased to announce an assessment and consultation service for ADHD in children, youth, and adults. This innovative service provides a timely and comprehensive assessment for children, youth and adults with ADHD.   Evaluation includes individual, family and child interviews, review and interpretation of previous records, on line assessment, and review of learning and school adjustment.  We will evaluate functioning in different settings including: home, school, work, socially and the family. Our partnership includes access to multiple disciplines.   We also have a special interest in children with autism and  ADHD.  We are committed to increasing capacity and providing care for children with ADHD who need ongoing care, children with complex problems, or families coping with more than one person with difficulty.  Total cost for this evaluation is $900-1200 and includes a detailed written report. For more information, email ABLE Clinic at