Dr. Glen Davies

Dr. Davies attained his PhD in Clinical and Community Psychology in 1986 from the University of BC (UBC) although his experience in the field dates back to 1975.
Through his academic years at Simon Fraser University and UBC he was awarded several research awards and fellowships, including the prestigious KillaGlen-Davies2m Award. Dr. Davies has specialized in serving children, youth and adults with disabilities. He was Director of Psychology at a large child development centre in BC, and is now the Director of ABLE Clinic. Since 1990 he has presented hundreds of workshops and presentations throughout BC on autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and many related topics in clinical child psychology. Dr. Davies was instrumental in bringing early intervention services for children with autism to BC. He served as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of BC for the landmark Auton case in which Madame Justice Allan ruled that early intensive behavioural intervention for autistic children was a medically necessary service and that governments had an obligation to provide these services. This ruling and sustained parental advocacy led to direct funding (in BC) for all children with autism in BC and comparable programs across Canada. Dr. Davies was awarded the 2002 Humanitarian Commendation by the BC Psychological Association for his “tireless efforts on behalf of families and early autism treatment in British Columbia”. In addition to leading ABLE Developmental Clinic, Dr. Davies is the Co-Director of Autism Integrated Medical Services (AIMS) at PAFN, maintains a busy clinical practice, trains and supervises graduate students, and serves as a professional advisor to several organizations for individuals with disabilities.
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