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ABLE Developmental Clinic - Attention    Behaviour    Learning    Emotion

Getting Started

Our ABLE receptionists are a wealth of knowledge when you call or email ABLE Developmental Clinic.

If this is your first connection to ABLE, you will be directed to speak with the Clinic Coordinators, Debbie Rhead in Surrey, Lael Hunter in West Vancouver or Amanda Teynor in Richmond. She will answer your specific questions and discuss with you what ABLE can offer your family. Depending upon the needs of your family, she will link you with the appropriate practitioner, give general information, and direct you to related services in the community.

May we suggest that you explore any employee extended health coverage plan in which you may be enrolled. The services of a Registered Psychologist, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and/or Speech Language Pathologist may or may not be covered by the many and varied extended health plans that exist. Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover these services. It will be an advantage if you know the specific coverage you have prior to your first appointment as our receptionist will assist you in making the best use of your coverage.

At any time you may call to speak to us to clarify information or ask further questions.